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Sliding dock for in-car Android Tablet install. Built using a hacked DVD drive. Apps installed Desktop Visualizer LauncherPro Fancy Widget VolumeWidget Power...

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Duration: 03:34

This is my first welding how to video. I have been welding new steel into my 325i sport for the last 6 months. When I started there were not a lot of HD yout...

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Duration: 10:31

In car video of a ride along in a 11 second Chevy II Nova.

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Duration: 02:38

Part 2 of our Apple iPad Mini install in the dash of a car (or in this case or Dodge RAM). This iPad mini is seamlessly integrated into the dash and slides i...

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Duration: 04:13

Drifting a mustang with a girl loose in the car. Pass seat wasn't bolted in nor were there any belts, she just wanted to come along for the ride. She was a f...

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Duration: 02:46

2009 Mac Tools US Nationals 1st Professional Round Win Ryan Ondrejko vs. Vinnie Deciegle Special Thanks to Wiley X, Hypersports,, Dart, Johns Ra...

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Duration: 02:49

Thanks to Honda, Schmidt Peterson Motorsports and driver Simon Pagenaud, RACER went for a ride with the two-time IndyCar Series race winner from inside the c...

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Duration: 07:25

uncrushable 1444 in car cam well broke another axle dam the luck wish i would of lasted longer but i got a couple good hits in.

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Duration: 14:34

Support Relief For Japan: Behind The Smoke Season 3 Playlist: Subscibe to Daijiro's Channel: ...

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Duration: 01:58

The 918 Spyder is the ultimate Porsche, and the ultimate supercar - holding the road car lap record for the infamous Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. Here, G...

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Duration: 02:21

Powercruise 44 - DIESEL loses his Brakes - In-Car Footage.

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Duration: 04:40

Driving around the field.

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Duration: 02:18

you can save yourself loads of money doing your own repairs, particularly ac repairs. This will walk you through adding refrigerant back to your system.

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Duration: 10:33

The Top Gear team wonder what it would be like if you were struck by lightning while in your car. Richard Hammond travels to Germany to find out. Subscribe t...

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Duration: 05:18

Order at, Price varies for different configuration and different country. For example: Singapore's Digital TV module is much expen...

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Duration: 42:40
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