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Check out this pre-release in-car / on-road review of the Magellan Premium Car Kit for iPhone 3G/3GS or iPod Touch 2G's. This kit is scheduled to be released...

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Duration: 06:30

A journey in a jaguar car with Mr G. Eyles of Institute of Advanced Motoring. London to Bath. Driving through various towns such as Reading, Theale, Newbury,...

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Support Relief For Japan: Behind The Smoke Season 3 Playlist: Subscibe to Daijiro's Channel: ...

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Part 2 of our Apple iPad Mini install in the dash of a car (or in this case or Dodge RAM). This iPad mini is seamlessly integrated into the dash and slides i...

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The Top Gear team wonder what it would be like if you were struck by lightning while in your car. Richard Hammond travels to Germany to find out. Subscribe t...

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Duration: 05:18

we install iPads! - April 3rd, The day of the iPad launch, D...

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Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! / Instagram @speedracer38 First off let me start by thanking the owner of this incredible Ferrari ...

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This is video from the 2011 SCCA Chasing the Dragon Hill Climb in Robinsville NC. The car is a 2009 Grand-Am GT3 cup driven by Cory Friedman. The team is Aut...

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This is a in car vid of my Datsun with a VE30DE twin turbo at 0.7 bar boost. It's a slow run and I did not give it the full beans, however I will post anothe...

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Duration: 02:30

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10.5 baby.. hold on to your panties...

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The 918 Spyder is the ultimate Porsche, and the ultimate supercar - holding the road car lap record for the infamous Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. Here, G...

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Thanks to Honda, Schmidt Peterson Motorsports and driver Simon Pagenaud, RACER went for a ride with the two-time IndyCar Series race winner from inside the c...

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This is a brief DIY on how to install your I Pad or any other tablet into your car for Cheap!!

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Make sure to watch the full Behind The Smoke 3 coverage of the event: Dai's Facebook: Dai's Twitter...

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