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2011年11月27日 TOYOTA GAZOO Racing FESTIVAL DRIFT EXTREAM での織戸学選手の車載カメラです。

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Part 2 of our Apple iPad Mini install in the dash of a car (or in this case or Dodge RAM). This iPad mini is seamlessly integrated into the dash and slides in and out with ease. * * NOTE:...

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Since I've been getting a lot of requests to see how "short" the gear ratios of the JDM K20A Transmission is, and how it sounds, looks to daily drive a K-Swapped car I compiled all of my clips...

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The Top Gear team wonder what it would be like if you were struck by lightning while in your car. Richard Hammond travels to Germany to find out. Subscribe to see all the reviews, races and...

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Road Emperor CAR DVD Player (With 3G, Wifi, Digital TV and GPS) 2-Din DVD / CD / Radio(FM/AM Stereo) / MP3 / MP4 / RMVB / 3G / WIFI (54MBPS) / HD 7 inch Touch Screen / GPS VOICE Navigator.

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This is a 1971 Ferrari 512M that I shared with the Owner for the 2012 Le Mans Classic. It had rained and was just drying out so the track was slick in spots. Had a bit of traffic but still...

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I was in Northsouth Cambodia last week stocking up on Megaskin spider meat. This is the video that was recorded. Sadly, it got cut off right before the guy softball pitched a wooden crate full...

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This is an in-car shot of Mike drag racing his 73 Duster using a Lenco transmission. His dial in time is 10.60 and his ET for this race was a 10.61. This video shows the fast accelleration...

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Practicing with my recently fixed 180SX at Ebisu Circuit's Togue Course. The first lap is just a run of the course (0:00 to 1:30) and then after that it's all practice. This was all shot with...

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Here's another in-car video from Banger World Series Round 6 at Great Yarmouth on Sunday 23rd June 2013, this time from the Showdown race where we were on board with DWO driver 341 Andrew ...

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I've wanted to replace my head unit with a tablet for some time, but I ended up waiting for a 7" tablet with 1080p. As a plus, I was able to incorporate the wireless charging capabilities...

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Support Relief For Japan: Behind The Smoke Season 3 Playlist: Subscibe to Daijiro's Channel: Subscibe to GTChannel:

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Dial ins Island Dragway 6-26-11 N2 Class Nostalgia Nationals, dude in the 27 Ford runs 10.21 next to me.

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A journey in a jaguar car with Mr G. Eyles of Institute of Advanced Motoring. London to Bath. Driving through various towns such as Reading, Theale, Newbury, Hungerford Marlborough, Calne and...

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