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we install iPads! - April 3rd, The day of the iPad launch, D...

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Check out this pre-release in-car / on-road review of the Magellan Premium Car Kit for iPhone 3G/3GS or iPod Touch 2G's. This kit is scheduled to be released...

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LooseEndsDrifters Helmet Cam Point of View Drifting Wakefield Park SR20DET S13 Silvia Turbo Initial Drift Australia.

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Learn how to prepare your car or truck for car-camping where you sleep in your vehicle to save time and money. This setup can also be used for inexpensive tr...

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This is my friend Eddie from Alta Nissan racing in some Nissan series~ I find it hilarious how he fixes his rear-view mirror and just drives off as if nothin...

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We needed a car for a trade in. So we found one and had some fun! Thanks a bunch to Jason Brown and Bright Knight Group for the music and sound effects! http...

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Order at, Price varies for different configuration and different country. For example: Singapore's Digital TV module is much expen...

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The Top Gear team wonder what it would be like if you were struck by lightning while in your car. Richard Hammond travels to Germany to find out. Subscribe t...

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I was in Northsouth Cambodia last week stocking up on Megaskin spider meat. This is the video that was recorded. Sadly, it got cut off right before the guy s...

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First night in 410 for Dustin Selvage, 4-30-11 Knoxville Raceway heat race win.

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Since I've been getting a lot of requests to see how "short" the gear ratios of the JDM K20A Transmission is, and how it sounds, looks to daily drive a K-Swa...

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SUBSCRIBE ✓Like Us On Facebook All cra...

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Why do you live in car? Simple answer: Because I can. In 2009 I was in a 1000 sq foot loft apartment. Paying to sleep, shower, cook and store clothes. I dec...

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